LIV Launches with the GX1 on Kickstarter

September 28, 2014

New Company Launches a Uniquely Designed Top End Swiss Made Watch with Attitude for under $600 on Kickstarter.

BROOKLYN, NY (September 28, 2014) - LIV - Swiss Watches, a newly established New York-based company, dedicated to making well-designed timepieces affordable, launches today on the crowdsourcing website, Kickstarter, with the LIV Genesis X1, a beautiful looking Swiss made 1/10th of a second chrono. The watch enters the market at a retail price under $600, that’s $1,500 less than watches that are comparable in terms of features, quality, and design. For their Kickstarter customers, LIV is making the Genesis X1 available at an introductory price of $390.


LIV stands for “the man who won’t be told what to do,” the man who won’t be impressed by paid celebrity endorsements, but by the appeal to stay true to himself. The watch is for men who value strength, fashion, quality, and…attitude. “After spending many years in the watch industry, I realized that there was room for an innovative Swiss Made Chronograph made with quality materials at an accessible price; a lot of the high-end Swiss watch companies had vacated the sub $1000 price point for a Swiss Chrono,” says Chaz, founder of LIV - Swiss Watches.

This realization led Chaz to establish his watch company and to launch “The LIV Design Challenge” in 2012, in which he rallied the best designers in the world to come up with a unique, bold design.  The winning design was the Genesis X1, a gorgeous looking piece that has been expertly crafted, with a three-dimensional multi-layered dial and uniquely designed bezel and pushers. It’s scratch resistant thanks to its sapphire crystal, and it’s versatile, water resistant up to 300 m (1000 ft). Most importantly, it’s affordable.

The LIV consumer has been described by Chaz as “The LIV Man - masculine and rugged while effortlessly fashionable, with an innate attention to detail…a natural leader and trendsetter who can easily appreciate the values, and value, of a LIV timepiece.”  

The Genesis X1 has already been prototyped and is fully ready for production.  Chaz encourages people who are looking for something different to explore his campaign. Buyers beware, as Chaz warns: “If a guy is looking to buy the same old same old, then he’s not a LIV kind of guy.”

Several variations of the Genesis X1 are available for presale on Kickstarter.com. All watches will be backed by a 5 year warranty.

The Genesis X1 Features & Benefits


  • Beautiful looking: The watch’s multi-layered dial highlights every detail of painstaking and innovative technique used. It exposes areas that would otherwise remain unseen to the eye, such as corners and edges.
  • Swiss Made: Only Swiss precision for The LIV Man.
  • The Movement: The Genesis X1 uses a highly precise Swiss Quartz Chronograph movement, the RONDA startech Caliber 5040.D.
  • Water resistant: The Genesis X1 has undergone a rigorous leakage test, in which it has been exposed to static test pressure. The test’s result indicates that the watch can resist water up to 300 m, as long as the pushers and crown are not pushed, opened or adjusted when the watch is in water.
  • The Sapphire Crystal: As the hardest and most scratch-resistant type of crystal, the watch's sapphire crystal is able to protect the detailed dial better than any other type of crystal.
  • Screwed down case with screws: The watchmakers have created a solid construction to ensure water-resistance over a longer period of time. This also ensures that the watch retains its visual appeal.
  • Screw down crown: The watchmakers have carefully threaded the crown, which contains a compressed gasket that tightly seals the opening when it’s tightened, protecting it against the undesirable ingress of water. The screw-down crown also helps protect the Genesis X1 from accidental knocks.
  • Accessible: Under $600 (available to Kickstarter supporters for $390).