Yellow with Bite: Our other new GX-AC

Yellow with Bite: Our other new GX-AC


Releasing just one new version of our massively popular GX-AC watch seemed stingy. So, being the generous, passionate folks we are, we went ahead and developed a second version of the one to accompany the brand-new Envy Green GX-AC, which we’ve also just released. We developed both these models in a way befitting of an automatic collection which we at LIV Watches are very proud of.

Say hello to the GX-AC Venom Yellow. We knew that a second version of the updated GX-AC range had to be as bold, brave, and ‘out there’ as the Envy Green - but it also had to be different and distinct. In this article we’ll discuss why we chose to go with a variation of the Venom Yellow for the GX-AC, as well as some of the exciting aspects of the GX-AC. We’re also going to give importance to one of the best features of this GX-AC - its gorgeous movement, the ETA 7750.


Up close and personal on the GX-AC dial



So, why did we opt for this updated revision of the much-loved GX-AC? Three main reasons, actually: Firstly, the GX-AC is what LIV Watches co-founder and resident watch fanatic (and by fanatic, we mean F-A-N-A-T-I-C!), Chaz, refers to as "our sleeping giant." As Chaz says, a Swiss-Made automatic chronograph retailing at less than $1000 is phenomenal value for money, or, as he puts it, "this watch delivers huge bang for the buck." No wonder it’s so popular.

Secondly, the GX1-A that we launched with our fantastically successful 2015 Kickstarter campaign featured a model called the Kickstarter Green. Fans loved the clever green accenting of that watch and it was sold out by 2017 and kept asking for it to return. By 2019 we thought it a good idea to revive a green-accented watch and decided the GX-AC would be the ideal partner for such a concept. The yellow-accented baby featured in this article was its natural partner, we thought.

Thirdly, the GX-AC is a remarkable watch of which we’re justifiably proud. Just consider a few of the attributes that have made it such a hit, including its 25-jewel ETA caliber 7750 (more about that further on) and high-grade, anti-reflective and scratch-resistant sapphire crystals set in an exhibition (skeleton) case-back within a 316L stainless steel case. It’s also beautifully proportioned, with its 46mm case diameter and 15.9mm case height. The GX-AC further features Super-LumiNova BGW9 lume on its hands and indices and a water resistance of 100 meters/300 feet. Not too shabby!




Bright, uncompromising yellow might not be everyone’s choice for a strap or dial or accents on a watch. We know that. But we also know that we have fans that love their bright colors and are attracted to the bolder hues like bees are to honey (okay, we promise that's the last bee analogy). And you can believe us that our other Venom Yellow watches have been highly popular. It’s the classic case of, ‘it might not be for everyone, but for those who love it, they really, really, love it!’

One just has to take a look through the (pages and pages of) fan reviews on our website to see that our other Venom Yellow watches have a special place in the hearts of some LIV fans. Here are just a couple of rave reviews from fans regarding the bold Venom Yellow GX1:


"Venom yellow rocks! It's awesome, a lot of compliments and good functionality. It's a watch worth every euro spent. I do collect watches and this is one of my favorite ones!"

- Giancarlo R. (Spain)


Charles G. from Canada kept it simple when praising his GX1: “Yellow Venom. Cool off the grid watch. Well built. Love it!” 

Joel B. from the US commented thus: “Pretty fantastic. I bought the LIV GX1 Venom in black with yellow accents, and it is beautiful! Light weight, great to look at and I LOVE the fact that it came with the time and date already correct and ready to put on my wrist (it will always be about the little things, right?). Already getting lots of positive comments. Thanks, Chaz!” Pleasure, bud.

Take note of what Daniel S. from the UK had to say about his Venom Yellow watch: “Superb quality. Really pleased with the look and quality, a good weight to it and really well built. Love the look of it, my only reservation is that there’s not an automatic version, I’d be on that like a flash.” 

We had to put Daniel’s final sentence in bold because - hey, guess what, we took your advice, Daniel, and we’ve now developed the GX-AC Venom Yellow! Yup, Daniel and others of our valued fans made us realize that a great choice for a really bold, ballsy update to an automatic chronograph like the GX-AC would be none other than the Venom Yellow. 




We’ve already made it clear that the GX-AC is a terrific, multi-faceted watch model. Any reworking of it would therefore have to focus on the design aesthetic, which is exactly what we did with this new Venom Yellow model. The most important consideration was how best to incorporate what could be considered a ‘post-modern canary yellow’ (!) into the dial and strap of the watch. This we achieved by designing the seconds hand and tips of the three hands in the sub-dials in bright yellow, as well as just two numbers (2 and 4) in the same bold yellow and our signature, futurist font. We did the exact  same but in delicious minty green for our Envy Green model.

A bright yellow silicon strap sets off the subtle yellow accenting on the dial, although you can opt instead for a stainless steel bracelet for that a watch that is less playful and colorful, yet every bit as dramatic and daring. Other design choices were indices that are less raised than on the original GX-AC models and also have index bordering in brushed gunmetal for a ‘rougher,’ flatter look that harmonize perfectly with the bright yellow accents. And you have no idea how many weeks of agonizing deliberations and back and forth just those choices took!

It’s all in the details, folks…


The exhibition caseback shows off the GX-AC's gorgeous inner workings



Which brings us to one of the best calling cards of our GX-AC: its superb movement, the ETA 7750. Let’s say this: there is a reason why the ETA 7750 is still considered one of the best automatic movements for chronographs. This 25-jewel caliber is a thing of exceptional miniature mechanical engineering, renowned for its versatility, high quality, and durability. 

The history of the 7750 is worth noting in brief detail: it was designed and manufactured by the esteemed Valjoux movement-making company, itself named after the town 30 miles north of Geneva where it was based, Vallée de Joux. The Valjoux 7750 was released in 1973 and immediately differentiated itself from other chronograph movements with its use of the three-plane cam system rather than the column wheel. It was also the first movement ever partially designed on a computer - well ahead of its time with just that.

However, 1973 was the height of the Swiss quartz crisis and so the Valjoux 7750 initially faded away as Swiss-made automatic watches took a huge hit. However, by the 1980s automatics were back in fashion and, as such, many watchmakers opted for the Valjoux 7750 because it was versatile in construction and easier to mass-produce. It was also beautifully made. And so it has remained immensely popular for chronographs to this day - in fact, the most popular



Distinguishing features that make the Valjoux/ETA 7750 family of movements so popular include:

  • Sub-dials for hours, running seconds, and a 30 minute chronograph counter
  • Integrated center-mounted automatic winding in one direction 
  • Use of a simple three-plate brass base, rather than complex bridges
  • A main plate with an off-center center wheel, hacking lever, and simple bent-spring ratchet system
  • 28,800 beats per hour

However, ETA bought out Valjoux, which in turn is owned by the giant Swatch Group. That has brought about its own challenges for all watchmakers of chronographs, LIV Watches included. In short, getting access to what is now generally called the ETA 7750 has become very difficult at times. That is why having it beating at the heart of our GX-AC is not only exceptionally generous of us, it’s something we do with pride, knowing it makes the GX-AC, including this new GX-AC Venom Yellow limited edition, extra special.




There is one final thing we have to note about not only this updated limited edition GX-AC but all our automatic watches: our in-house calibration. What that refers to is this: all automatic movements that arrive at our workshop from Switzerland have a standard calibration that is +- 15 seconds per day. But we want even better for our fans, so we do another adjustment after testing each and every watch. That means each watch is re-calibrated and it goes out from Miami at +-5 seconds per day. 

That’s an up to 300% improvement on the timekeeping of all our automatic watches. We do that because we believe that our fans are worth it and deserve no less. It’s the same dedication and attention to detail that allowed us to offer our fans this new, limited edition GX-AC Venom Yellow. 


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