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LIV In The Press

Clothing Brands And Pieces
That Will Define Fashion
in 2017

Mar 06, 2017

LIV Watches carries a line of watches for those who “dare to LIV” made of tough materials and a sleek design. The GX Base is one of their best. Let's face it, you're going to want more than one of these bad boys...

This Swiss watch startup met its crowdfunding goal in 34 minutes — here's why people love it

Mar 08, 2018

Hands-down the most premium sports watch I've worn to date. Aesthetically, the LIV GX1-A isn't the fanciest or most elegant looking watch available — and that's perfectly fine. It's built to hold up under heavy wear and it looks the part, too...

LIV Watches is proof that the luxury watch industry's monopoly can be beaten

May 31, 2018

What the people at LIV are doing is an absolute uphill battle. Challenging the watchmaking industry can become an ugly battle but... LIV is pushing out remarkable timepieces that are revolutionizing the watch business...

Impulse Buy: LIV GX-AC Swiss Panda Watch

Jun, 2019

What you get in a LIV watch seems too good to be true. A movement with a precision of at least +/- four seconds per day; solidly built cases with dials to match and a style that stands out without being flashy...

The Record Kickstarter Project That Was Fully Funded In 34 Minutes: Meet LIV's GX1-A Swiss Watch

Feb 19, 2016

If you've ever wanted to own a Swiss Automatic watch, but couldn't stomach the price tag, then a sub $500 Kickstarter price for a unique watch that features a genuine Swiss Automatic mechanism is probably quite attractive...

22 Highly Desirable Travel Gadgets

Dec 7, 2015

A high-end watch for serious travelers, the GX1 is a “wear it and forget it” product. It’s water-resistant up to 1,000 feet and has a multi-layered dial made of sapphire crystal. The product was originally funded in just 11 hours on Kickstarter...

LIV is kickstarting a beefy & bold chronograph for race lovers

June 10, 2018

LIV Watches is a crowdfunding darling with a number of Kickstarted watches under its belt. If you particularly like the style – F1 racing meets Kylo Ren – then you’re probably going to like this thing...

LIV Watches is Back on Kickstarter with “The Breakthrough”, A Series of Sporty Automatic Watches

Jan 6, 2018

The folks at LIV Watches already know a bit about creating watches and funding them on Kickstarter. Their new “The Breakthrough” campaign isn’t their first offense. Bold styles, 3 different inspirations – pilot, racing, diving – all of them powered by Swiss mechanical movement and offered, as usual, at great prices...

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