Because every LIV Watch is manufactured in the strictest Swiss watchmaking tradition and is run through multiple tests before being dispatched.


Your 5-Year International Warranty is immediately and automatically activated the moment you purchase your watch. If you purchased your watch on Amazon, you can register your watch here within 30 days of receipt. Warranty transfer information is provided below.


If your watch develops a mechanical fault within 5 years of receipt, we will be happy to service it free of charge provided it has been serviced by us prior to this anniversary and in line with our recommended service intervals of between 3 and 4 years. Issues not covered by warranty are listed below.


To benefit from this Warranty, the engraved serial number must be perfectly legible and no part of the original case back or original serial number may have been removed, modified, replaced, erased or rendered illegible. Additional conditions are listed below.


What invalidates this Warranty?

Please note that a service completed by anyone other than LIV Swiss Watches and/or no service being completed by LIV Swiss Watches prior to the 5th anniversary since receiving the watch will invalidate this Warranty.

What issues are not covered by this Warranty?

The following issues are not covered by our -Year International Warranty:

-Over-winding any hand-wound mechanical watch;
-Issues arising from adjusting the date wheel between the hours of 8 pm and 2 am;
-Magnetization of any watch movement;
-Accidental damage;
-Cosmetic damage such as scratches, dents, corrosion, or color, where the function of the product is not affected;
-Failure to follow the instructions in the owner’s manual;
-Water damage caused by a failure to maintain water resistance as set out in the owner’s manual;
-Straps and bracelets;
-Deliberate damage or neglect.

Are batteries covered by this Warranty?

We expect our quartz batteries to last at least two years and so will replace any defective battery free of charge up to this time. After this time, we will be happy to replace a battery, but there will be a cost for doing so.

Does bracelet resizing impact my Warranty?


Is the Warranty transferable if I pass my watch on?

Yes, provided the new owner can provide suitable evidence of their ownership, such as the original purchase documents. 


How to care for your timepiece.