The quality of our watches is of utmost importance to us, and we take our service requests seriously.  

How to request service:

  • First and foremost, we need you to complete the service request form below.  
  • A member of our team will then analyze your request and provide you with a response within 48 business hours.  
  • Please do not send the watch back to us until you have received a response from us.
  • Once you have received a response from a member of our team, and they tell you that your watch needs to be sent back to us, please follow these exact steps outlined in their email to you so that you do not incur charges for the service.

Are there LIV Service Centers overseas?

At this time, we only have a US Service Center at our Miami office.  If you live overseas, and ever have an issue with your watch, please contact us. If it's something that could be fixed locally we will allow you to do so, otherwise, we'd have you send it to us so as not to void the warranty. If the service or repair is covered under warranty, we'd ship your watch back to you free of charge.