Product Information

How come products within the same collection have different prices?

Products within the same collection may have a higher price, because they come with "add-ons" such as deployant buckles. 

Are GX1 straps compatible with the GX1-A?
STraps are not compatible, but deployant buckles are.  Visit https://www.livwatches.com/collections/straps-buckles for more information.

Checkout & Coupon Codes

Where can I enter a discount / coupon code?

On the desktop version, you are able to put the discount code on the checkout page (www.LIVwtaches.com/checkout), once you have items in the checkout.  On mobile, you are able to enter the discount code on the same page as the payment details. If you still have trouble, please do contact us.

How come my coupon code isn't working?

Coupon codes often have an expiration date / time.  If you're sure that your coupon has not yet expired, make sure that you enter it correctly - with no spaces before or after the code, and with all letters/numbers provided.

I tried to log in using my Kickstarter credentials, how come it doesn't work?

Please note that LIVwatches.com operates on a completely different system from Kickstarter, and that you cannot log in using your Kickstarter credentials. There is no need to log into our website to place an order.  

Shipping & Tracking

How will I know that my item has shipped?

After your order has been approved, you should receive a tracking number via email.

Why does my tracking information not show any movement?

Packages may be sent via DHL eCommerce, DHL Express, FedEx, UPS or USPS. Please understand that for any carrier, the tracking information may take time to update.  In particular, for USPS, the time between scanning and updating their website is not simultaneous as it is with other carriers. Please stay tuned, it should update eventually.  Thank you for your patience!