June Top Fan & Press Reviews

June Top Fan & Press Reviews



This was a shout-out to what a great gift a LIV watch would make for Father’s Day as seen on the ‘Today in Nashville’ show on WSMV-TV, which is an NBC-affiliated TV station in Nashville, Tennessee. They really raved about our GX Alarm Type-D model!

[TV host]: “Father’s Day is fast approaching and if you wanna give dad something more than just a new tie or some new socks, well, we have some suggestions. Lifestyle expert Carly Dorogi has some answers.”

[Carly]: “Hey guys, well, Father’s Day is almost here and I have some great gift ideas that you might love so much for dad, that you, you’re going to grab one for yourself too. Let’s start down here with the watches, and I love this company, LIV Watches, founded by a husband and wife team in 2012. They create limited edition, Swiss-Made watches directly to the consumer at an affordable price point. So, this is their GX Type-D Rose Gold watch. It has dual sapphire crystals and an anti-reflective and anti-scratch coating. Makes for a great gift for Dad this Father’s Day.”





Speaking of the GX Alarm Type-D, in the very same month as the Nashville TV segment, we received a rave review from a fan of ours, Richard C. from the US, on our Facebook profile. He loved it so much, he even included a photo of his brand new baby on his wrist:

“My NEW LIV GX Alarm Type-D Black Cobalt

This watch is the perfect watch for me given my active outdoor lifestyle! The design of the watch is totally worth “flaunting!” I’ve been looking for a sporty watch like this that I can also wear to the boardroom, and now I have it. I swim every day and don’t have to worry about that....my beauty stays put on my wrist where it belongs. I love that this LIV GX is colorful and designed to be distinctive in the sun; And...at night the lume is beautiful. I love this watch! May have to get another LIV soon!”


Richard C.'s GX Alarm



We were duly impressed by what Tony Niameh had to say about us on Twitter and Instagram:

“Deep down in the ocean blue, a wondrous Swiss treasure awaits you. GX-Diver's 41mm Black Cobalt” *Smiling face with sunglasses*

Just a cursory look through Tony’s Twitter and Instagram accounts makes it clear that this is one man who knows about and loves fast, beautiful cars and great watches, so we appreciate having this West African fan on board the LIV express!

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#4 • A discerning new fan!


If I could give it 6 stars I would!

- Robert B (U.S.)


This fantastic review came straight from the LIV Watches website and was for one of our very first models (and a Kickstarter sensation too when launched, we might add), the GX1-A, which continues to be a roaring success. It’s courtesy of a new fan, Robert B from the US, and we appreciated his detailed and very candid review. Here goes:

"Full disclosure, when I was looking for a watch, I would only consider a watch made in Europe or the US, mostly because I work for a German brand and believe that their manufacturing is some of the finest. My main watch is a 2000 vintage Omega GMT that my wife gave in instead of a wedding ring but it is in desperate need of repair, it’s losing time and the hour hand gets stuck, so I was looking for a quality, European made watch. Guess what, almost impossible to find until I stumbled on LIV. I did the research and fell in love with it on the internet. Swiss-made, quality movement, really nice to look at, and when I opened the box, put it on my wrist, I wasn’t disappointed. This is a beautiful timepiece, quality is without question and it looks fantastic on my wrist. I couldn’t be happier with my decision...FYI, if I could give it 6 stars I would!"


Read more about the brilliant GX1-A here.



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