Update: DDC IS Shipping & Price changes are coming

Update: DDC IS Shipping & Price changes are coming

Well, it's back and shipping as fast as humanly possible.

I'm talking about the Rebel Swiss Day Date Chrono, the DDC. It's been four long months since we had all the colors in stock and shipping.

Earlier this month, we finally opened the order banks to take pre-orders in anticipation of the arrival, and wow, we were surprised at how many we had sold.

This is terrific news, but on the flip side, we probably won't have enough for the Christmas season.

In anticipation of us running out way before the end of 2023, we have no choice but to implement our 2024 pricing earlier than we expected, since the cost of production has gone up significantly for this watch.

For example, the curved sapphire crystal cost has already doubled for our 2023 production, and the 2024 pricing will go up by another 15%.
While we have not yet made this public, we think you should know so you can plan accordingly.

A price increase is coming.

All the Rebel-DDC watches retail prices will increase from
$450.00 USD to $490.00 USD
(retail prices might look different depending on your country's currency).

So, if you've been holding out on grabbing one of these fantastic watches, today is the day to make that move. 
👇Below are the Back in Stock versions👇

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