May Top 5 Fan & Press Reviews

May Top 5 Fan & Press Reviews

Check out what people have been saying about us recently.

#1 • Video review from a fan!

"Today we're going to present you a watch that was born not so many years ago as a brand. We are talking about LIV, and it was actually launched on Kickstarter in 2014 with their first model. This group of watch enthusiasts wanted to deliver a direct-to-consumer brand that will offer to the customer quality at an affordable price, and with a Swiss mechanism. They use in all of their watches a Swiss mechanism--this is one of their characteristics. I discovered them through Kickstarter when they launched the LIV GX Ceramic Diver campaign a couple of years ago, and this is the watch that I received.

So I wanted to give you a review because I don't see a lot about LIV on the internet. I think it's interesting to discuss a little bit about a brand that doesn't have a lot of history behind it, one of these microbrands born in the last ten years but offers something different and something unique to the customers, and will offer you a series of feelings that other brands will not offer to you. This is something that you need to recognize especially nowadays with microbrands. Some of them are doing a lot of homage watches. I find that LIV, between their logo, their design, their way of doing things, they offer a product that is totally different to the end customer. At the same time, they have very good customer service. They keep continuous communication with their old clients, they answer back when you write to them and give you correct and right information about their watches, and they're always available to support you. This is also a plus, especially nowadays.

How can I classify this brand? When you're talking about Swiss brands or other types of watches, you'll have your classical watch company that produces technical instruments, or Divers. I think LIV offers you kind of a mix, even if they are on another level. They offer you the kind of California living and style of watches. So it has a little something that I am also passionate about, which is surf. I grew up surfing, and they offer you that kind of feeling in their watches. It's difficult to explain, but it's kind of a philosophy that is transmitted in their pieces and I think they've achieved that with the brand.

This is the 44mm LIV GX Ceramic Diver in Black Cobalt. It presents itself with this very well done and beautiful ceramic bezel. The ceramic bezel is a matte blue with black numbers and white Luminova for the first 20 minutes, which is important if you are going to use it as a Diver's watch. This is a screw-down crown, obviously. It presents itself with a 300m water resistance, so it's actually a Diver's watch that you can use comfortably in any type of situation when you go to the sea. This watch presents itself with a Swiss-made ETA 2824-2 so it's a workhorse with excellent quality and excellent movement underneath. As you can see, it has a magnifying glass that is very well-executed. It doesn't magnify a lot, with respect to what the reality is of the date underneath, but it gives a nice touch to the aesthetics of the watch. The dial inside has a kind of a wave pattern, a little bit of inspiration from the Seamaster Omega. It has the name of the brand--"LIV Automatic 300 meters" specification, along with "Swiss Made." Then you have the 12 and the 6 in a very big, bold way that shows directly to the eye, and this beautiful sunburst dial kind of inside of the wave. Their logo has this characteristic shape you see here, and they use the color, orange, for some of their watches. I find this a very intelligent branding strategy. When you develop something unique, you want to make it recognizable.

The mechanism is a beautiful, well-done mechanism, the orange details come out perfectly. The quality of the strap is very well-made, resistant, stainless steel. I've had this watch now for 2 years, more or less, and I can say the the treatment of the coating on it is superb. I have not done any type of scratches on it. They declare on their website that it is anti-scratch very resistant coating. And as a matter of fact, the quality is superb. It has not lost one inch of color of black IP coating. As you can see, it has no wear on it at all.

Here you have an open back where you can see the ETA movement and the number, because these watches were made in a limited number of 1000. This watch presents itself as a very beautiful watch with a branded wheel that winds the watch.

I'll show you a shot of the Lume and how it works under the sun. It's excellent in quality. It's kind of blue. And part of the bezel is also lume, with Super Luminova. It just is brilliant and beautiful. The color is spot on. This one is black, but if you go to the website, they have many colors to it. They had a special edition a couple of months ago with a very nice teal blue. Overall, congratulations, LIV! You've done a pretty good job of launching a brand, branding it, marketing it so that it becomes unique, keeping it direct to consumer (because that is something they've kept), and at the same time, offering an excellent quality for your money in terms of the movements that are being used, in terms of the steel and the coating. So, good job. I really have to say to them, good job. They give and deliver things that I expect from bigger brands.

Check out the video below!

Shop the 44mm Diver here

#2 • International Business Times calls LIV one of the 'Top 3 Crowdfunded Automatic Watches in 2020'

IBT loves the P-51 Pilot's Watch! Here's what they said:

"Those who have an appetite for Swiss made automatic watches, but find the typical expensive price tags attached hard to swallow, the LIV P51 is reasonably priced while giving you a full fledged 'Swiss made' experience. Built with premium material, including a titanium case, sapphire crystal lens and ceramic bezels, the P51 is a rugged, luxury watch made to be worn and enjoyed daily...From unboxing to wearing the P51, it's obvious that LIV took no shortcuts, and did not compromise when it comes to the Swiss watchmaking artistry. The 46mm watch is a rugged watch that I feel confident wearing daily, but at the same time designed and built with fine details. With the P51, LIV has struck a great balance between quality and price, strength and intricacy."

Read the fill piece here.

LIV P-51 Pilot Auto Chrono

#3 • Our Facebook followers are fans for life

Check out the LIV Rebel collection

#4 • Start-up Competitors Podcast

I chatted with host Mike Kelly about my role as co-founder and brand manager of LIV Watches on the Start-Up Competitor podcast. We had a great conversation that covered our origin story, Kickstarter, and--of course--the fabulous quality that every watch of ours has to offer. Here's a taste of what I said:

"Quality for the money is unbelievable. And if you read any of the reviews online, I don't know if you're familiar with big watch brands like I'm sure you've heard of Rolex, or like Audemars Piguet, Breitling, all those. If you look in the reviews on our Facebook company reviews that are totally un-moderated, we cannot moderate them. So I always tell people to look at them, you'll see that people are just own these watches and this watch is now my favorite and it's quality surpasses or meets these watches that cost me $10,000 or $5,000 or whatever."

Listen to the full episode here

#5 • "The market should take note of what you

guys are doing!"

Love this review from James W on our website.



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