Crafting Our Premium Leathers

Crafting Our Premium Leathers


A Glimpse Inside The LIV Workshop

Our obsession with detail and quality extends to every part of our watches, including the straps, bands, and bracelets. Every single one of our timepieces passes through over 55 hands, and that's just for the precision components. It also takes an entire team of artisans just to source and craft the exquisite leather straps that accompany a LIV watch on your wrist.

It all starts with our European experts who seek out and purchase the finest French and Italian full-grain leathers. Why leather from these two countries? Because both have long histories of making superior leather goods using centuries-old tanning methods. You cannot find better leather anywhere else.

Why full-grain? Because it's the highest quality of leather money can buy. The topmost layer of the hide is preserved, giving you the absolute strongest and most durable finished product. It's the most expensive leather to produce, but our fans deserve it. Just like all our other materials, only the best of the best go into a LIV timepiece.

Once we source and treat the leather, it makes its way to the workshop where our skilled artisans start working their magic. Each hide is thoroughly inspected, and then blanks (strips of leather) are painstakingly cut out by hand. Next, the blanks are skived to the proper thickness.

Before going further, these blanks are put through a stress test. Both ends are clamped in vises, and a tremendous amount of force is applied, pulling on the leather. If there are any hidden flaws, the band will fail. We prefer the failures to happen in the shop and not on the wrists of our fans.

The artisans then proceed with detailing the strap such as beveling, shaping the ends, and hand painting the edges. Finally, the blanks are ready for assembly and one step closer to becoming a signature LIV strap.

Next comes hand stitching using premium thread. The term "thread" does not do this seemingly innocuous material justice. It is a robust, all-natural product that will last as long as the strap itself, made from fine cotton and waxes. Even the thread has to meet our standards of quality.

Toolless spring bars and precision-crafted buckles are meticulously installed to provide both a secure, comfortable fit and easy changes when our fans want to use a different strap or bracelet. A final polish is applied to the leather, each band is inspected, and at last, the strap is ready to be paired up with your new hot watch.

We don't settle for anything less than the best when it comes to our watches. Our fans deserve that kind of attention to detail. After all, they trust us to deliver a timepiece that will time their adventures for a lifetime.

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