Why is LIV on Kickstarter

Why is LIV on Kickstarter

4 main reasons we are on Kickstarter

So, while most people think of Kickstarter as a way to raise capital for products, we see it in a completely different light.


1. Building this Together

The LIV motto has always been that we strive to make cutting-edge designed Swiss watches and build them from the best materials, all at an accessible price. What better place than on a Kickstarter campaign, where we present our new concept to our fans, and they decide if this is something they like or love :-)?


2. Limited Edition Production

Creating a new collection of watches has enormous upfront costs, like design, tooling, prototyping, etc. While we have ideas of what will sell and won't, we don't always get it right; you guys are the ones that tell us what you like and what you don't. As a small boutique brand, we're very careful not to create an inventory problem and be forced to discount something that does not sell. Giving our backers a discount to better understand what you guys want on your wrists is a no brainer.


3. LIV Time Capsule

We're on a watch journey with you, our fans. So it's essential for us to have a timestamp in history that shows how we started, what we have accomplished. Yes, we could put that all on our site. Still, it's not the same as having our history sitting on a third party website showing publicly everything that happens on our journey.


4. Reaching New Watch Freaks

There's no question that the Kickstarter ecosystem has a considerable "watch lover" following; our goal is to reach those people and tell them our story. Roughly 50% of our 16800 fan base has come from Kickstarter.


Wow!! I’ve never purchased a watch that looks better in my hands / out of the box than the professional pictures posted on the website/catalog. My LIV Watch is nothing short of amazing!! I pre-ordered my watch several months ago and the wait was well worth the time. The watch is exquisitely beautiful!! Can’t get over the meticulous attention to detail, from the packaging to the very high quality strap. And I am super impressed by the heftiness of the watch and the fact that it doesn’t weigh heavy on the wrist and is very comfortable to wear. Thank for creating this very affordable masterpiece!

-Michael J. Nobile, a LIV fan

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