Quartz Chronograph Watches

Unparalleled accuracy, a precision chronograph, and the sharp, luxurious look and feel you've come to expect from LIV? Look no further than these quartz chronograph watches: the GX1 and the Rebel-DDC.



Meet the watch that started it all. The LIV GX1 is a chronograph built for life's adventures, with its scratch-resistant anti-reflective sapphire crystal and water resistance to 300m. The only question is, where will you take it? 



What makes quartz tick? Learn all about this incredible material in 8 Things You Didn't Know About Quartz on our blog.



Who says watches have to be round? Satisfy your inner rebel with this day-date chronograph in a bold, rectangular shape and eye-popping colors--all at an amazing value so you can break the mold without breaking the bank.




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