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Maintaining your LIV

Each LIV Timepiece is handcrafted in the strictest Swiss watchmaking tradition and guidelines and vigorously tested before delivery.

We guarantee our craftsmanship for FIVE YEARS and want to ensure your timepiece will remain in perfect working order with a valid/active LIV Warranty.

Water Resistance

Your watch has precision internal components that must be protected. We cover the water resistance on our watches for 24 months, from the date of purchase or after any service LIV Swiss Watches provides to your timepiece.

Each LIV timepiece that leaves our office is tested to ensure it maintains its water resistance rating when the crown is closed correctly. Failure to seal the crown properly when coming in contact with water will VOID your warranty.

LIV Service Center

Each LIV timepiece received at our Service Center is checked for its water resistance, with the crown correctly closed as soon as it arrives (before any other evaluation is done).

Should your watch pass the test with the crown properly closed and we find water damage inside, your warranty will automatically be voided. All service will be at the expense of the owner.
If the LIV Service Center provides service, your warranty will be reinstated.

3rd party battery changes

Should your LIV watch have its battery replaced by one of our recommended authorized retailers or service centers, you must receive a water resistance test result (print-out) with a minimum pass of 5 bars. A copy of this test result must be sent in with your watch; failure to maintain waterproof test results will render your LIV warranty void.


How to care for your timepiece.




Five Year Warranty FAQ

Does bracelet resizing impact my Warranty?

No. You can resize your bracelet, or change the strap of your timepiece and your warranty will remain intact.

What does the Warranty cover?

Our warranty will cover any manufacturing defects.

The warranty will not cover instances where improper manufacturer instructions are not followed or if misused by the user.

Is the Warranty transferable if I pass my watch on?

Yes, provided the new owner can provide suitable evidence of their ownership, such as the original purchase documents. 

What About Battery Replacement?

We offer free LIFETIME battery replacement. All you are responsible for is the return shipping and insurance.

Should you not want to send your watch to our watch service facility in Miami, you can take the watch to any authorized dealers from the following brands to replace the battery. (Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Panerai, IWC, Breitling, Omega , and Tag Heuer).

Why is water resistance covered for 24 months vs five years

Water resistance is not just about keeping your crown properly closed but also about maintaining proper gasket seals; gasket seals may erode over time. Since we have shipped our watches to over 132 countries, all with different climates, gaskets, and seals can respond differently.

How long is the accuracy guaranteed for?

Automatic Mechanical watches: LIV accuracy 1 - 5 five seconds per day is guaranteed for 12 months from the date of purchase or after overhaul service was provided to your LIV timepiece.

Battery Quartz Watches: We guarantee accuracy for the full five years of the warranty.

*The above statement is providing that your timepiece has not sustained any water damage due to user misuse.