7 Reasons a Swiss Watch Makes the Ultimate Corporate Gift

7 Reasons a Swiss Watch Makes the Ultimate Corporate Gift

Here are 7 reasons a Swiss watch makes the perfect corporate gift.

Don't give them another fancy pen or a paperweight--not if you want them to care.

1 • It's a gift he'll use every day

When you gift someone with a Swiss watch, he's going to look at it every day (and remember how he felt when you gave it to him). The act of giving a gift is all about that moment. A corporate gift that actually means something? Talk about a wow factor.




A corporate gift that actually means something.


2 • It's long-lasting

On the subject of "every day": things aren't built to last these days, but a finely-crafted Swiss watch is an exception. When cared for properly, a watch can last a lifetime. Don't you want that meaning we were just talking about to stick around for as long as possible?

3 • It's built to impress


A corporate gift reflects on the image of your company. A quality Swiss watch is a seriously impressive gift that'll get the attention of whomever you give it to, and it's also guaranteed to generate some compliments for him, too. Give him something he'll be proud to wear and wants to show off.


4 • It's precise

When it comes to business, what’s a better symbol of a job well done than a Swiss-made watch? A miracle of craftsmanship, precision, and a long, rich tradition of excellence, a Swiss watch is the ultimate symbol of what we all strive for in the business world.

"What's a better symbol of a job well done than a Swiss watch? We use Sellita Swiss movements in our watches for the highest degree of precision possible."

Watch freak and Co-Founder at LIV Watches

5 • It's significant


Give a significant gift for a significant milestone or achievement--something that tells the recipient you value your business relationship. A well-made watch is a gift with real gravitas.





6 • It's timeless

Tech trends come and go, but Swiss watch is above all that--in terms of both function and style. It's only a matter of time until the step-counting, notification-sending frenzy of smartwatches goes away, but we'll always need to know what time it is (especially in the business world). And there is no better way to do that than with a Swiss watch.


I don’t like being interrupted all of the time. Like when I’m doing important (like working or driving or even conversing with a human being face to face)...Really, do I need to be alerted while driving that friends posted photos of what they had for lunch 10 minutes ago?
—Mark Carson
Watch expert and founder of Individual Design

7 • It's versatile

Suitable for an employee, client, or business partner at any age--or stage of his career--a Swiss watch is an upscale gift that truly works for everyone.

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