Another Dust Bites the... Dust

Another Dust Bites the... Dust

Our Dust Prevention Process.

How much is too much when it comes to attention to detail? Here at LIV Watches, we don’t know yet.

Step inside our Swiss shops for a peek at how seriously we take even the smallest detail, in this case, dust specks.

When it comes time to case our watches, the first order of business is to make sure the inside of the sapphire crystal is 100% free of dust and specks.



First up, filtered, dry, compressed air is used to get out the easy stuff. Compressed air might suffice for some, but LIV Watches has another step, a soft-tip tool for stubborn specks.

Satisfied that the inside surface is pristine, we immediately mate the crystal assembly with the movement, so no specks get back inside.



We also obsess over stopping dust at the shop door!

Before craftspeople enter the shops, they don a hair net, shoe booties, and a lab coat. Then it's into an entry with a door on each end. A sticky floor grabs foot-borne grime as electrostatically charged air snares airborne dust, filtering it out.

If we obsess like this over a speck, you can be sure we obsess over the rest. Frankly, we find this refreshing.

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