The Gift Guide for (Almost) Every Guy

The Gift Guide for (Almost) Every Guy


Okay, we know, we’re biased. But getting a quality crafted, Swiss-Made watch has got to be special for anyone.

Even better is to match the right watch to the right guy. This gift guide is a shout-out to all those thinking of buying a LIV watch as a gift but not exactly sure who to give what. Worry no more…



We’re not talking a huge, hulking guy (necessarily), but we are talking about the guy who has a big wrist. This guy does not want a dainty little watch on his wrist—not that we make those, but you get the drift.

Bottom line: He needs an imposing watch with a bigger case, so give it to him!

What Watch? We think the GX Alarm Type-D is a great fit for the guy with a heavy wrist.

Why? Because it looks like a watch with heft, yet it’s well-proportioned and doesn’t look clunky. The case diameter is a solid 43mm and the alarm function button gives the watch added width, which is ideal for a big wrist.

Styles? This model has five different styles, from the Cool Gray for the cool cat to the Black Cobalt for the adventurous spirit.


LIV GX Alarm Type-D

LIV GX Alarm Type-D

Another option for the heavy wristed guy? We also think the GX-Diver's 44mm would look great on a big-wristed guy. It has a slightly bigger case and the uncluttered dial makes the watch somehow appear bigger on the wrist. This model also has five different styles to choose from.
What strap? A bold steel bracelet always looks great and decidedly masculine on a guy with large wrist. Both suggested models come with silicone straps.
LIV GX-Diver's 44mm



This is the guy who can basically do anything with his hands. He can strip a car engine and re-build it as easily as he can fix a faulty faucet! This über practical guy needs a watch that is as precise as he is.

Bottom line: He needs an unfussy, practical watch, so give him one!

What Watch? We think the GX1-Chrono is the perfect choice for the guy who loves to work with his hands.


LIV GX1 Chrono

Why? Because he’ll definitely adore a watch with complications and no doubt appreciate the intricacies of a chronograph. He’ll also love that it has a hyper-reliable Swiss Ronda Caliber 5040.D quartz movement.

Styles? This model has a whopping eight different styles, from the stylish Signature Orange or Swiss Panda to the more colorful TJ Blue or Venom Yellow.

What strap? No strap is more functional and wears more easily than a silicone strap. The GX-1 Chrono looks terrific with a silicone strap.

Another option? We also think the newly-launched Rebel-AR might just be the watch for the manual guy who is also a racing enthusiast. He’ll love its intricate 26-Jewel automatic movement, not to mention its clean-looking dial and unique racing motif.




This man exudes good taste and an appreciation for the finer things in life, including what he wears. Be he a dandy metrosexual or debonair businessman, he only opts for a watch that is quality through and through.

Bottom line: He revels in a quality watch, so please him with one!

What Watch? We think the P-51 is an excellent choice for the man who is polished and appreciates fine accessories.

Why? Because it’s a pilot’s watch that he will admire for its heritage and elegant aesthetic. He will equally value its 25-Jewel Swiss ETA 7750 Automatic Chrono movement, as well as its subtle design - the epitome of refinement.


Styles? The P-51 comes in four styles, ranging from the austere Chrono Gray to the more playful Chrono Blue / Gray.

What strap? Finest Italian or French leather will undoubtedly appeal to the polished man. The darker Pilot's Saddle Brown and the lighter-hued Pilot's Barenia Camel are two of the suave leather strap options.

Another option? We also think the popular GX-Diver's 41mm Swiss Automatic 300M might appeal to the sophisticated man. He will enjoy wearing a more casual, sporty-looking watch with elegant, clean lines.


LIV GX-Diver's 41mm



Not every man is an outdoorsy adventurer or weekend sportsman. Some men prefer the adventure of electronic devices or mechanical gadgets and making their minds work while having fun.

Bottom line: This guy thrills in a watch that’s different, so wow him with one!

What Watch? We think the Rebel-DDC is a great gift choice for the geek you know and want to spoil.

Why? Because he will totally connect with Swiss precision at its finest, thanks to its nifty Ronda 760 quartz chronograph movement. And he will think its rounded square case and minimalist styling is the coolest thing ever - because it is!


Styles? The Rebel-DDC comes in no less than six exciting styles, three of them more classic (such as the PANDA or Classic Black) and three in more vibrant colors (such as The Orange or Venom).

What strap? Any geek will love having choices, and this model gives a wide option of strap choices, ranging from the super-cool NATO strap to functional rubber or silicone, depending on the style.



The world is made up of everymen. And thank goodness for that, because they are the get-it-done guys among us. This man is true to himself—no fuss, no bother. And he will want a watch that reflects that attitude to life.

Bottom line: This man wants a good and good-looking watch, so don’t let him down!

What Watch? We think the GX1-A is the ideal gift alternative for that dependable, hard-working man you know and respect.

Why? Because he will respect the unpretentious styling of this LIV watch, even while admiring its sandwich dial. The skeleton case back will catch his eye, as it shows off the gorgeous Sellita SW200-1 automatic movement.



Styles? The GX1-A offers tremendous choice with its eight styles, including the classic-looking Full Lume with stark white dial or classy Rose Gold with bronze accents.

What strap? This model comes in an interesting range of straps depending on the style, including the super-functional canvas strap or always-popular steel bracelet or leather straps.

Another option? The GX-AC is another viable gift consideration for the Everyman. He will be duly impressed with its prestigious ETA Valjoux 7750 automatic movement and love being the owner of a superbly-crafted chronograph.


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