How a LIV Watch is prepared and packaged

If you have ever wondered how a LIV watch is prepared and shipped to our fans, wonder no more. This article will step through the process of picking the watch head (that’s the completed watch sans strap) to it being unboxed in a fan’s home.

Our goal is to make each LIV Watch experience a joy, from selecting the timepiece and strap to anticipating its arrival, to unboxing it from our carefully crafted packaging to putting it on for the first time.

Step 1: Picking the watch

First, the watch head (in this case the Rebel-DDC Yellow) is carefully taken (picked, in industry parlance) from our inventory and placed on a tray. Each watch contains a unique serial number, and that number is recorded in our system during the picking process so that the watch is automatically under warranty. At this time, we also do a final quality inspection to ensure that the watch is in full working order and free of any flaw or blemish.

A note about the automatic warranty registration. It may seem trivial, but how do you feel about filling out a form or going online to complete a warranty registration for everything you buy? Thought so. As part of our concierge-style customer service, we take care of warranty registration. Now, when a new LIV Watch arrives, all you need to do is set the time (if required), put it on, and dazzle your friends and family.

Step 2: Installing the strap

Next, we customize each watch with the specific strap ordered. First, the strap is chosen from inventory, and then expertly installed using a LIV Pro Spring Bar Tool.


Do you need to be an expert to install the strap? Well, experience does help plus having the right tool for the job. Until you’ve pried a spring bar loose and had parts fly out never to be found again (due to the tiny tension spring inside the bar – spring bar), you just haven’t lived! Those little bits are the devil to find. If only you had the proper tool.

The Double Head Pro Spring Bar Tool

The Pro Spring Bar Tool is the tool we use to install and change out straps. It is an invaluable item for those times when you want, or need, to change a watch strap. Use them and avoid mishaps like described above. They are also available for purchase on our website.

Step 3: Into the Box

The watch is then carefully placed into the LIV box. Each watch comes with a tag, that typically includes the watch's model number and serial number. Each watch comes with an envelope that contains all the relevant paperwork and other treats (warranty card, user guide, sticker), as well as a cleaning cloth. The box is placed into the signature LIV bag and then placed inside a cardboard box for shipping. Ta-da! Now it's off to the shipper.


Bird’s Eye View

Pictured below are the typical components used for packaging a LIV watch, including the welcome card, sticker, warranty card, notice, and quick start guide, all of which you’ll find inside the envelope. You can also see the LIV cleaning cloth (just above the watch head).

Limited Edition

Our Limited Edition timepieces also come with a Limited Edition certificate, such as the shown below.

A Fan Unboxes a LIV Watch

We reap the fruits of our labor when we receive a video like this :).

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