Just be You

Just be You

Ever since I started LIV Swiss Watches back in 2014, people have always asked me, “Hey Chaz, what is LIV?”

My simple answer was always, “Just Be You.”

To which their response was always the same, “What the hell does that mean? And what does it have to with watches?”

For 18+ years I sold overpriced watches to people who would follow trends and buy what the big brands told them was cool. People naturally follow - that’s just how it is. I even catch myself sometimes being drawn in by an ad of some big celebrity wearing a beautiful watch. But when I take a step back and think for a second, I come to realize, "Why would I let some big-name celebrity convince me I should like this watch?" To quote a good buddy of mine, "Since when did all these celebrities become master watchmakers?"

"Sometimes it is so apparent that it looks borderline ridiculous."

What about me just being me? Besides, does this celebrity truly care about the brand they're promoting? Probably not. Sometimes it is so apparent that it looks borderline ridiculous. It’s sad to see how people will sell their souls for a fat check when it clearly does not fit who they are.

"I would have been a musician."

Just be you. I try to execute that motto in everything I do. The truth is, if I were as crazy about music as I am about watches, I would have been a musician. Don't get me wrong, I love music, but watches are my passion. And so, I launched LIV, a brand that represents staying true to who you are.

So, if you like what we are doing and that message fits with who you are, then you're my kind of guy/gal. We're all about creating personal connections with our fellow watch freaks and not just about selling watches.

"The new consumer is smarter."

BTW, I am certainly not alone in this type of thinking. The new consumer is smarter. Thanks to social media, they have access to the full range of brands and microbrands that are popping up. Some of these brands have soul and strive to make a connection with the people that believe in what they are doing and genuinely want to wear their products. I am proud to say that LIV is one of those brands and we intend to keep it that way.

"Customers is a bad word here."

We have grown by leaps and bounds, and while I do attribute the success to our great designs, uncompromising quality Swiss watches, and a lot of hard work, our true strength is the connection we have with our fans, and I emphasize FANS, because “customers” is a bad word here. You see, the big brands will never have that. Built on an antiquated structure of production, distribution, and retail shops, they have zero connection with their customers and therefore must rely upon celebrity persuasion practices in order to get people to buy watches that have been marked up six times. We are smarter than that, and so are you.

Just be you

So next time you see an ad of some random dude wearing a watch, and you like it, ask yourself a simple question, “Does this fit in with who I am or rather, who they want me to be?” Then check out the LIV Watch alternative. You might find your first LIV love in the act of Just Being You.

Have a great weekend and grab a cold one while you're at it :-)

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