Wynwood Brewery

Wynwood Brewery


Wynwood Brewing Company is Miami’s first ever craft production brewery. In the spirit of craft brewing tradition, the guys over at the brewery work hard each day to bring fresh, delicious, and creative beers to us craft beer lovers. And, we are mightily grateful for their hard work and the fruits of those labors. Nothing quite like a chilly beer on a perfect Miami day.

How do beer and watches go together?

Where is the connection between a craft brewery and a microbrand, direct to consumer watch company? We’re both living life our way. We’re both working to create better experiences for people, whether in an artisanal brewed beer or a handcrafted Swiss masterpiece. The results are alread7y evident; there are as many breweries in the US today as there were on the eve of Prohibition, thanks to the revival of the small, craft brewery. And, while microbrand watches aren’t that prevalent yet, LIV Watches is shaking up the watch world, with the enthusiastic support of our fans. Only “time” will tell. Yes, it was a terrible pun.

The Brewing Process

Preparing to Brew


The brewing process consists of milling, mashing, recirculation, boiling, cooling, fermenting, conditioning, and then packaging. It doesn’t have the finesse needed to build a fine watch, but the results are the same, in relative terms. Wynwood produces some fine brews. Below you can see the brewers decked out in their LIV watches carrying out some of these processes. After all, shouldn’t iconoclasts hang out together?

Mashing, Recirculating, and Boiling

Testing a Sample

Wrapping It Up

Short story
The tour was great and we enjoyed adding to our brewing knowledge while seeing our handiwork on the guys’ wrists. In the spirit of full disclosure, we must admit that we skipped Step 8, packaging, so we could get to the best part, drinking the fine Wynwood beer. Oh, so good. We’ll be back.

By the way, thirsty South Floridians and tourists alike are invited to visit the Tap Room at the 15-barrel brew house (they also offer guided tours, which we highly recommend)!

Or, if you prefer, take a virtual look via the following video.
Wear your LIV masterpiece and tell ‘em we sent you. No, it isn’t worth a free beer, you just get more iconoclast cred and a few envious wrist-stares from other brew quaffers.

Don’t own a LIV Watch? Check them out after you read this. You’ll be satisfied with your timepiece, we absolutely guarantee it.
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