Quality, Unique, Limited, Swiss Timepieces

We Love Watches.

That's why we're committed to bringing you quality, unique, limited Swiss timepieces in a boutique brand experience.




We use only the finest materials, equal to or better than those used by big-name brands. Sapphire crystals. Titanium fittings. Hand-stitched leather straps. We take pride in every last detail of our watches.




Our designs are crowd-sourced, cutting edge, and super stylish. Want a watch that looks the same as every other watch out there? Then we're not the brand for you.

LIV watches are made in limited production runs, meaning you'll be one of just a couple hundred guys to own a particular watch style--ever. It doesn't get more exclusive than that.

Switzerland has a rich tradition of watchmaking excellence, which we're proud to carry on. We bring everything together with insane attention to detail in our Swiss workshops to ensure every LIV watch is perfection. Check out the video to see the lengths we'll go to just to avoid a single dust speck under our crystals!

Boutique Brand Experience
We provide a concierge-style customer service experience that reflects our dedication to watchmaking and the direct-to-consumer approach. When you contact us, for any reason, we will respond promptly your chats, emails, and phone calls. We will provide the highest levels of personal service. Our word is our bond, so we will deliver on every commitment. And, through this pursuit of perfection in customer service, we will live up to our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

A note from Chaz & Esti,
the watch lovers who started all of this

When we founded LIV, we envisioned a direct-to-consumer microbrand that stripped away all unnecessary costs so that everyone could experience a Swiss-made timepiece without breaking their budget. Though we originally launched on Kickstarter with one watch style, our brand has grown to include automatic watches, quartz watches, alarm watches, dive watches, pilot watches, round watches, and rectangle watches with input from watch lovers like you. We're so glad you're here, and we can't wait to hear what you think.