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Why is LIV the best men's watch?

Let’s face it, we watch freaks are always on the prowl for a timepiece that rolls quality, edgy and eye-catching design, and value into a tidy package. You know, a watch that will get people looking and not break the piggy bank. Freaks rejoice because LIV Watches is just what the horologist ordered.

1. Let’s start with limited edition bold designs

Watches for us watch freaks are a personal expression. So, mass-produced, plain vanilla, run of the mill tickers don’t cut it. LIV Watches are specialists in crafting intricate, multi-layered designs to catch and hold the eye…in very limited editions. With a LIV on your wrist, you’ll rule the day at the next office watch showdown.

2. Accessible pricing that makes sense

LIV is built around a model that takes the proverbial middleman out of the deal and passes the savings on to you. Yeah, it sounds corny, but it’s the foundation of the LIV business strategy. They’re watch freaks too and know what its like to be held hostage to massive prices. Prices that can be 6x the actual cost of producing the watch. Want proof? Search out a brand name maker offering a Valjoux 7750. Compare its price to the LIV GX Swiss Automatic. Enough said.

An unconventional watch offered at stunning value for the money.


3. Meticulous craftsmanship

LIV obviously has fanatical attention for detail. It shows everywhere you look. These watches ooze quality. Fit and finish are unparalleled in this price range. There is no slop or imperfection anywhere. 316L stainless steel cases. Anti-reflective coated sapphire crystals. Artisan crafted bands and bracelets. Unbeatable materials in the hands of master craftspeople…that seems to be the LIV formula.

4. By watch freaks, for watch freaks

These watches may be so appealing because LIV itself was founded by watch freaks. Their passion for putting extraordinary timepieces on the wrists of everyone is in the DNA of the company. It shows in their passion for their products. It also drives their goal to redefine what it means to be a boutique Swiss watch brand.

Remarkable timepieces that are revolutionizing the watch business.

-Yanko Design

5. Repeat world champs

LIV Watches got their start on Kickstarter. Crowdfunding was a perfect match for going directly to the customer. People took notice and LIV has the highest level of funding for not one, but two of their Swiss Made watches, earning close to 3 million dollars in those campaigns alone. That’s pretty impressive for some watch geeks just getting started.

6. 5 stars...again and again

LIV Watches is one of the most highly reviewed watchmakers I’ve seen in recent years. Review after 5-star review pay testimony to the success of the LIV direct to customer model regarding value, quality, design, and personal concierge service. Or, just loving their LIV watch as soon as it hits the wrist.

Made of tough materials and a sleek design.


7. Customers play a part in the design process

As part of the Kickstarter campaigns, LIV reached out to their supporters and asked for input. Many companies ask for customer input, but few actually listen to and incorporate it into their products. LIV knows its customers are passionate about their watches and capture that passion in their watch designs. No wonder these timepieces have such powerful appeal!

8. Thoughtful and exceptional customer service

If your business model says you deal direct, your customer service better run on high-octane fuel. LIV knows their customers have invested their trust, and their hard-earned money, in a LIV watch (or several as often happens). Call it a sacred bond between watch freaks, but LIV makes sure never to violate that trust. The result? Probably the best customer service experience a watch freak could ever imagine, a blending of high-tech communications options and old-world personal service.

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