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Our story

Hi. We're Chaz and Esti, and we love watches. In 2014, we saw a problem: a huge segment of watch lovers were being excluded from the market. Excluded by retail prices bloated with mid-channel markups and celebrity endorsements. We envisioned a different approach--a direct-to-consumer microbrand that stripped away all unnecessary costs so that everyone could experience a Swiss-made timepiece without breaking their budget. Inspired by our love for outdoor sports and luxury watches, acquired from nearly 20 years of experience in the watch industry, we launched our brand with a blockbuster Kickstarter campaign and we haven't looked back since.

We're pretty proud of that, but the thing that really gets us excited is how passionate our fans are about LIV watches. You guys really seem to like them, which works out--because we really like to make them. Everybody wins! (Except the middleman. Sorry, dude.) (Not actually sorry.)

Anyway, "direct to consumer" isn't just some marketing buzzword to us. It's a whole philosophy, and it drives everything we do. By skipping right over all that junk in the middle and speaking straight to the watch freaks who'll sport our timepieces on their wrists, we know exactly what the people want in terms of design and features. This crowd-funded, crowd-sourced approach means we make watches that people love.

This is my third LIV Watch and I couldn't be happier! All 3 of my LIV watches look WAY more expensive than they actually are but at the same time made better than my more expensive watches. I can't wait to add more to my collection.

— Michael D. from the US

So how did we build a watch brand from the ground up? By obsessing over every single detail, using only the absolute best materials. Swiss movements. Sapphire crystals. Premium straps and bracelets. When we say we obsess about every detail, we mean it.

Oh, and one other thing. We surround ourselves with the right people--folks who love watches as much as we do and who work hard every day to show it. Team LIV is the best group of creative thinkers and deserve tons of credit for the awesomeness that our brand has become in the last six years.

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