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5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Gifting a Guy with a Watch

A watch always makes a great gift—the right watch, that is.

Buying the perfect watch for an important man in your life isn’t as simple as just picking one at random. Watches are complex and deeply personal, and by thinking through a few key features, you can be sure to select the timepiece that will suit him. That’s why we’ve come up with5 questions you need to answer before picking the perfect watch as a gift!

Is he into watersports?

If your answer to the above question is a yes, you can start thinking about the specific watch you’ll buy. And as you’ll realize pretty soon, the watch you’ll choose depends as much on the man you’re buying it for as on the watch itself. For example, you need to think about all of the different situations in which he’ll be wearing it.

For those who are into water-based sports and other similar activities, a watch with good water resistance would be a great gift. Heck, if the guy in question likes diving, you won’t go wrong with a diver’s watch. These timepieces are specifically designed to work at depths of 300 meters at a minimum - while certain watches can sustain way more than that.

All of our watches have rubber gaskets inside, which is a must for water resistance. We also have screw down crowns and screws on the back as an extra protection (not all water resistant watches have those!)

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What’s his style: classic or sporty?

At the end of the day, a watch is an accessory, so you’ll want to be sureits style suits his. For instance - if your guy spends a lot of time in suits, then a simple, classic dress watch will be the best gift. On the other hand, a sporty character will do better with a more rugged field watch or a sleek one likeracing and pilot’s watches - but definitely a timepiece with more features and complications.

Does size matter? (Yes!)

Before buying a watch as a gift, here’s something you may not have considered - its size. You don’t want to give a watch that is too small or too large for the wearer’s hand. Guys tend to like big watches, and there are general guidelines on the relation between the circumference of the man’s wrist and the case diameter of the watch. When you’re giving someone a gift, you can hardly measure their wrist. So, you’ll have to eyeball it.

As a rule of thumb, a Medium watch case equals less than 42mm, a Large case is between 42mm & 49mm, and a X-Large case is 50mm & greater.

Guys tend to like big watches! Go with a 'large' case for most.

Watch freak and Co-Founder at LIV Watches

What's your budget?

Just how much money are you prepared to set aside for this gift? Depending on the watch, this could turn out to be quite an investment, so decide on a budget first. There is no such thing as a "typical" price for a watch since a timepiece's value and cost is based on a huge array of factors (and more money does not always equal better craftsmanship!) Do your research. Setting—and sticking to—a budget can help you from getting carried away.

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Is he a leader or a follower?

In today’s consumer culture, some guys are followers--interested in brand names and the latest thing that’s popular or trendy. And some are leaders—focused on features, the look and feel, and generally going with what they like, rather than what Instagram tells them to like. So ask yourself, where does your guy fit in?

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