RAFAEL RODRÍGUEZ: The Story of a Muay Thai Fighter

RAFAEL RODRÍGUEZ: The Story of a Muay Thai Fighter


Rafael Rodríguez started his training as a boxer and Muay Thai fighter back in 2007 in a gym called “Tao MMA” located in Caracas, Venezuela. It takes a tough and resilient guy to survive in these sports, let alone master them. His years in Venezuela gave him the knowledge and experience to carry his passion for boxing and functional training to new heights.


Our motto is, "Dare to LIV." We encourage our fans, customers, and watch freaks everywhere to live life, not just coast through it. In life, it IS about the journey. Our watches are designed to accompany fans through a lifetime of adventures. Although he didn't have a LIV watch when he first started, Rafael Rodríguez truly lives by our motto as he pursues his passion for being the very best in his sport. Here he is pictured in November 2017 with his LIV GX Base.


In October 2008, Rodríguez traveled to Thailand for the first time and trained at Fairtex Bangplee Gym under his teacher and second father, Sensei Gustavo Rodríguez. It was in Thailand that he made even more significant strides in his development and mastery. Already a tough and fierce competitor, he honed every skill, move, and reflex to a higher level of perfection.


Until they can give humans implants or genetic coding to excel at something, be it sports, music, art, science, the only path to success is practice and training. To become and remain a champion, Rodríguez spends hours each day training and perfecting his sport. Everyone wants a shot at the champ so he knows he must always stay in the peak of physical condition to take on and defeat all challengers.


For Rodríguez, his years of sweat, toil, and dedication have paid off. In 2016, he was awarded the title of Florida State Super Middleweight Champion by the International Sport Kickboxing Association. This year (2017), he won the Paradise Rage Championship. Winning is the name of Rodríguez's game.


Rodríguez currently lives in Miami where he trains and works at KO ZONE, one of city's most accredited martial arts facilities specializing in Mixed Martial Arts, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, Kickboxing and Boxing. If you want to train like the champ or see him in action, that's an excellent place to start.


Este triunfo es nuestro y les prometo que solo es el principio
(This triumph is ours, and I promise you that it is only the beginning.)

-Rafael Rodríguez

LIV Watches and Rafael Rodríguez, both daring to Live Life and become champions in our life adventures. 

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