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T-Minus Wow: Our 5th Kickstarter Makes a Lunar Landing

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See the watch that was funded in 7 minutes flat.

Early in the morning of 5 November 2020, LIV clicked the ignition switch on its fifth Kickstarter campaign. This bold effort was a tribute to the Saturn V launch vehicle and the first, and still only, manned missions to the Moon.The campaign features two distinct watches and our first use of a bronze/titanium alloy for the case! Space-age material meets historical bronze. More on both watches in a moment.
Throughout its Kickstarter history, LIV has established records for launch goals for Swiss-Made timepieces. The first campaign was fully funded in just over 11 hours. The second campaign was the most funded watch campaign ever. Each campaign has set its own particular record.
However, the response to the Saturn V launch was, in a word, explosive. LIV met its funding goal in seven (7) minutes! Thank you, LIV fans, watch freaks, enthusiasts, and collectors everywhere. Such a response is both thrilling and humbling.

The watches of the campaign

The Saturn V tribute features two outstanding watch choices. The Moon Lander is powered by a Swiss-Made ETA G10.962 EO quartz chronograph movement with a true Moon phase complication. Yes, a true Moon-phase feature, not a simple day-night indicator. It is a fitting movement for the Apollo lunar missions. This beauty is available in a variety of case finishes, dial colors, and strap options.

The Moon Dust ups the ante with the choice of a bronze/titanium case. This special alloy delivers all the unique characteristics of bronze with the strength and hypoallergenic properties of titanium. For those who prefer a more traditional option, a 316L stainless steel case is available. Inside both cases beats the Swiss-Made Sellita SW200-1 automatic movement. Dial and strap options abound to help make your LIV masterpiece uniquely yours.

Saturn V-inspired design elements

Incorporating the right elements from the world's most powerful launch vehicle into a premium timepiece presented the LIV designers with quite a challenge. After many unsuccessful launches (a little space reference), the team realized the four-part structure of the Saturn V could be reflected in a four-part case design; the case, case back, anodized aluminum ring, and bezel.
On this solid foundation, the team added a few distinctly LIV touches. The crown is machined to mirror the nozzles of the first stage lift section. The pushers on the Moon Lander were carefully crafted to reflect the guidance fins of the same section. Finally, the main dial layer has been treated to a texture that mimics the Moon's dry and dusty surface.

Get on the LIV side of Saturn V history

Whether you watched the Apollo missions and Moon landings, are a student of the Space Age, are a collector of premium timepieces, a LIV fan, or a watch freak, you owe it to yourself to add one, or both, of these masterpieces to your collection. Either will leave your watch buddies green with envy.

Make your choice soon!

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