What can your wrist tell you?

What can your wrist tell you?

Are you what you wear?

Ever use the following smart remark when someone asks you what time it is, "A hair past a freckle, eastern elbow time." Not sure why this memory came back when starting this article, but feel free to use it next time you are caught without your watch, and face the "¿Qué hora es?" question.

People love to judge a book by its cover and people by external appurtenances. In the spirit of this pastime, let's take a deep dive into what your wrist says about you. Specifically the watches you wear, when you wear them, and where you wear them. It's the horological version of bird watching.


"LIV watches are built to meet the demands of our fans’ lifestyles. Whatever you are into, wherever you are into it, make a statement with one of our masterpieces."

- Chaz Chazanow
Co-Founder at LIV Watches

All business

If you see someone wearing a GX1-A, it's a good indication they are all business. They pick the GX1-A because it is a great value; a no-nonsense timepiece that looks good everywhere; from the office to a trek into the Himalayas.

Sports aficionado

Make no mistake, chronograph movements are great additions to any collection. When you see a person with one of these beauties, you might suspect their passions run to sporting endeavors and split-second victories. Automatic or quartz, you can't go wrong with these.




Water sign

Does it mean someone is like Jaques Cousteau if you see them with a dive watch? Does wearing these submersible timepieces indicate being born under a water sign? Maybe, and maybe not. Some folks take to water like a duck and want to be able to keep track of time without bringing along their smartphone. When you see someone wearing a diver's watch, it is a good sign they are practical and think ahead.


"We design our watches to be an extraordinary extension of our fans' personalities and interests. They are individuals in every respect. It’s only fitting our watches should reflect the same individuality."

- Esti Chazanow
Co-Founder at LIV Watches

Rugged individualist

There is a definite statement being made when you see a person with a pilot's watch. These wristwatches harken back to the era of deadly airborne duels, with the victors toasting their accomplishments around a fire back at the aerodrome. The person sporting a pilot's watch is almost certainly their own person, up for any challenge.




Make a statement

"Round watches? Not for me. Everyone has a ROUND watch." When you see someone with a timekeeper that deviates from a perfectly circular case, your suspicions might be that they march to the beat of a different drummer. Sure, there are more extreme ways to make a statement, but the Rebel is designed to do it painlessly and with great style. Bucking the trend doesn't mean your wrist has to look shabby.



Watch geek

Is there someone you think might be a watch geek? How can you tell beyond a shadow of a doubt? See what horological plumage they display on their wrist. There's your answer. Complications? Unusual materials? Lots of buttons and subdials? Yep, that there is a dyed-in-the-wool watch geek. Don't worry, they aren't dangerous unless they corner you to talk watches.



History buff

People wear watches for many reasons, as this article has illustrated. So, what does a history buff choose to demonstrate his passion? How about a watch that brings the origins of watchmaking and space triumphs together? When you see someone wearing a bronze watch the celebrates a historical event, say landing the first man on the moon, that should tell you this person knows their history and doesn't mind celebrating it.


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