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About Us

The Brand That Won't Follow


We are a direct-to-consumer microbrand crafting precision, durable, high-quality, accessibly-priced Swiss-made limited edition watches capable of keeping up with an adventurous, bold lifestyle.

With more than two decades in the watch industry, we realized that a vast segment of fans and watch enthusiasts were being excluded. Excluded by retail prices bloated with mid-channel markups and celebrity endorsements. We envisioned a direct-to-consumer microbrand that stripped away all unnecessary costs so that everyone could experience a Swiss-made timepiece without breaking their budget. 

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How We Craft Our Watches

First, we focus on creating timepieces with the highest precision mechanically possible, up to +/- 4 seconds per day or better. Second, we use only the highest quality materials, equal to or better than those used by big-name brands. Finally, we bring everything together with insane attention to detail in our Swiss workshops to ensure no LIV watch leaves with a single imperfection.

Our fans deserve, and expect, the best. They expect watches that will serve them in a lifetime of adventures.  So, we build our watches for those who refuse to follow; who live rugged, live boldly, and live fast.  

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Our Pledge

We provide a concierge-style customer service experience that reflects our dedication to watchmaking and the direct-to-consumer approach. When you contact us, for any reason, we will respond promptly your chats, emails, and phone calls. We will provide the highest levels of personal service. Our word is our bond, so we will deliver on every commitment. And, through this pursuit of perfection in customer service, we will live up to our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We built our direct-to-consumer model to provide watch values unavailable anywhere else. We feel our customer support needs to provide the same unrivaled experience.

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In the Press

You don’t stir up the waters in a multi-billion-dollar market and slide by unnoticed. The press and independent reviewers have taken notice, and they like what they see.

"LIV combines the high-end quality of a luxury watch with the durability of a sports watch at an affordable price." Business Insider

In short, if you've ever wanted to own a Swiss Automatic watch but couldn't stomach the price tag." Forbes

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Amazing quality and craftsmanship. Unique look and styling with incredible wrist presence. Being a long time watch collecter who has owned thousands of watches, most luxury brands, I must say that I have not seen this level of quality at this reasonable price point ever before. Customer service has also been amazing and shipping to Canada from Miami was fast. Can’t wait to order another piece from LIV! I highly recommend LIV watches. -JT Lee

Team LIV

For those who refuse to follow: Live rugged, live boldly, live fast.